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Freedom at Your Fingertips

Radiant Woman

A Comic Book — the Fun Way to Learn EFT (Tapping)
Meet Vivian Vim. Vivian is out to teach the world her “magical energy” powers which are really a healing method that anyone can learn called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®) or tapping. In this full color “comic book” You’ll learn a super way to get powerful results for your health and well-being. Super results and you don’t need to be a superhero do to it.

How Radiant Woman Was Created

Scripting & Penciling

Just like doing a movie, there are several stages to go through to complete a printed full color comic book. First it starts with a concept. What do we want to convey? Who is our audience? Scripting is the first step. The challenge is teaching people EFT in a few pages. You build a script by pages and panels.

Penciling is the next major step. It’s taking the script and turning it into visuals. Here’s an example of penciling a page.


After the pencils are approved, the artist inks them in black ink.


Another important step is coloring. The artist who colors creates the mood, setting and action for the comic book.


In this step, the lettering artist adds captions to the colored art. After that, the comic book is assembled electronically and sent to the commercial printer for pre-press, printing and bindery work.

Creative Credits

Concept and script by Ron Ball and Linda Miller
Pencils, inks, lettering by Steven Yarbrough
Coloring by Ede Milson