Just like doing a movie, there are several stages to go through to complete a printed full color comic book. First it starts with a concept. What do we want to convey? Who is our audience? for the comic book?

Step One: Scripting

Scripting is the first step in doing a comic book. The challenge is teaching people EFT in a few pages. You build a script by pages and panels.

Step 2: Penciling

Penciling is a major step. It’s taking the script and turning it into visuals. Here’s an example of penciling a page. Click on the image for a larger view.

Step 3: Inking

After the pencils are approved, the artist inks them in black ink.

Step 4: Coloring

Another important step is coloring. The artist who colors creates the mood, setting and action for the comic book.

Step 5: Lettering

In this step, the lettering artist adds captions to the colored art.

Step 6: Production

The comic book is assembled electronically and sent to the commercial printer for pre-press, printing and bindery work.


  • Script by Ron Ball and Linda Miller
  • Pencils, inks, lettering by Steven Yarbrough
  • Coloring by Ede Milson